More than 15% of the Financial Services business is at risk to Fintech Companies by 2020. The global investment in financial technologies may reach up to a staggering $46 Billion by the year 2020 and so, many conventional financial services businesses are now gearing up to respond to this change and Pakistan is no exception. Having an unbanked population of approximately 100 million with over 60 Million Pakistanis having access to mobile and high-speed internet, FinTech is set to become the largest sector in the

Family businesses are the beating heart and the backbone of the Middle Eastern and North African economy, employing more than 80% of the global workforce and contributing to more than 75% of each of their countries’ GDP. Indeed, family businesses are the primary line of defense against the media reports discussing the incoming threat of a global Middle Eastern economic crisis. For all those reasons, this event aims to bring together family businesses from all around the region to discuss issues of relevance to