MENA Family Business Forum 2019

Family businesses are the beating heart and the backbone of the Middle Eastern and North African economy, employing more than 80% of the global workforce and contributing to more than 75% of each of their countries’ GDP. Indeed, family businesses are the primary line of defense against the media reports discussing the incoming threat of a global Middle Eastern economic crisis. For all those reasons, this event aims to bring together family businesses from all around the region to discuss issues of relevance to them such as sound corporate governance structures, challenges related to human resources, technology and entrepreneurship opportunities, family offices and wealth management, and different recipes for successful succession planning. Furthermore, the forum offers a platform to discuss opportunities for investments in the arising oil & gas sector and discusses challenges in the real estate sector and the role of family businesses in building sustainable cities.

The originality of this forum rests on its aim to be a platform for open discussion on different challenges encountered by family businesses and for sharing success stories of longest enduring and successful family businesses from around the Middle East and North Africa.

Most importantly, this forum aims to provide networking opportunities for family businesses from all around the MENA region to meet and discuss opportunities for collaboration and expansion. Arab family businesses are perhaps the most successful businesses around the world; the time has come to initiate collaboration, to embrace innovation, to sustain our success and to build our family legacy, together.

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Christelle Mahfoud

Hala Bou Alwan

Josiane Sreih

Imad Abou Khalil

Dr. Georges Samara

Arshad Khan

Rodrigo Basco

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Press Release MFBF2019