961Management Knowledge Hub is dedicated to prepare the Middle Eastern region during the fast evolving business landscapes globally by training new and creating the next generation of talent for complimenting the regional business opportunity.
961Management Knowledge Hub operates across the Middle East, Australia and Europe.
We offer professional qualifications with our world renowned experts, academicians and leaders with specialization in FinTech, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Family Businesses, Leadership and Digital Technologies.

Providing world class Education for Corporates, Academia universities to promote Corporate Education in the MENA region.

To ensure value and impact, all our courses are offered in English and Arabic.

Main Focus

– Family Business

– Capital Markets

– Banks

As 961Management we operate with a world renown pool of experts and Award winner academicians. to bridge the global and regional best practices in the family businesses and financial services.

Academic courses in collaboration with top tier universities academicians in the MENA Region for Executives (family and non-family members).
Moreover, to ensure our top down focus, we work with family businesses and financial services institutions in the region for organizational capacity development by providing trainings customized to fit each department and employee’s need ranging from Senior Management and Board Members, Middle Management, Junior Team Members, All Departments, Supplier and Third-Party Members.


A glimpse on some of the courses we offer:

Family Business Training

Succession Planning

Human Resources Challenges

Women in Family Businesses

Family Business and Context

Family Business and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Family Business Boards

Strategic Decision Making

Effective Board Member

Governance in Family Business

Fairness in the Family Business

Regulations, Compliance and Money Laundering

Combatting Financial Crimes

Combatting Bribery and Corruption

Fraud and Ethics


Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security – How to be prepared

Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Governance Intersection with Compliance

Fintech and Regulations

Emotional Intelligence


Women in Leadership

Financial Action Task Force

Board Evaluation

Board Secretary Roles

Digital Awareness

Crypto Currency Compliance and Financial Crimes

Trade Based Money Laundering

961 Nexus Courses


– 961Digital:

Digital transformation is set to revolutionize the economic landscape in the World.
Our digital services include understanding Digital Transformation, key emerging technologies and trends that are shaping the digital landscape of the future.

Offered Digital Courses:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Crypto Currencies

Cyber Security

Digital Awareness

Startup Methodologies




Enterprise Innovation


For more info on our Digital Services Courses, please contact us and one of our training consultants will guide you.


– 961 FinTech Knowledge Hub:

Our FinTech knowledge hub has been carefully designed to up skill the current talent and creating new age financial technology talent with comprehensive understanding of some of the key technologies and applications that are driving the digital banking and finance revolution.
Our graduates are made FinTech ready to adopt innovative FinTech strategies in their own organizations.

Key FinTech Courses:

5 Day Master Class

2 Day FinTech Certification

Understanding Digital Assets

Understanding FinTech


For more info on FinTech courses please contact us and one of our training consultants will guide you.

Strategic partnership with 961Management, providing financial related programs, while certification providers will ensure access to continuous professional development for financial services in the region.

One of the key pillars of the Knowledge Hub is the formation of a research and endowment committee to commission and publish economic research relevant to the region, as well as, develop a calendar of seminars, workshops and conferences that serves to build greater knowledge in the community and bolster regional financial institutions and their competitiveness in a global economy.

961Knowledge Hub experts’ set-up internal academies and training centers, being visionaries and setting up forward models related to your identity and industry.